Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Y We Blog?

I have a lot going on in my mind right now. Needless to mention,the chores i have at home that requires my time and energy. Hence,i have to blog to distract my mind from thinking the thing called chores. I still am adapting and adjusting to. 5 solid months plus to spend my precious time for it. Heh.

Back to the question.

Y do i blog? Y did i blog at the very first place? Humm i believe for every action that we do,there must b a reason behind it. B it noble or not,it has always been a reason for something. 

I did blog coz i wanted to. I was tempted to see the art of writing our own thoughts in our own website and secretly hoping my friends or the ones that matter,which worth my time read piece of mind. There,i said it. I'm pretty sure that was one of the many reasons y did i decide to launch my very own missile of thoughts,letting people into my mind,knowing the consequences that i might b constantly judged by some readers. I did it anyway coz that was what i wanted to do ---> to write. Hopefully,somewhere in not so distant future when i already have daughters/sons of my own who are big enough to read and understand,i will share my thoughts written here with them. 

One good thing i've learnt along the years to pursue this one hobby of mine- blogging that is,i cannot b afraid of what people are gonna say or usually judge on what i wrote. But of coz,i must not consciously and purposely write just to sting people's feeling which i won't. I think i have a whole lot more to write about than just to entertain the fellow readers with calumnious entries. So there,my point is usually we bloggers are judged by the way. Don't take it too deep. It brings nothing but bitter,really.

Every so often,i got asked by some individuals on whether I'd b concerned on the subject of how many readers do i have. To tell you the truth,i couldn't care less on that matter. I guess,it depends on your purpose of blogging. If you want to e gratified with constant feedbacks for every post,in that case you may feel troubled if there is no reader. Unlike me who just blog for fun,sharing morsel of my on-going yarn to some friends and even strangers. It's good to have someone reading to my endless bellyache and grumble at the end and it's better when your good friends personally ask you about it and discuss over the phone or texts. For what is worth,just do blog based on your intention and heed less on what others may think. If they do judge you,it's based on superficiality only. One can never b so damn honest in writing,revealing everything and for that matter,they don't know you unless they're close to you personally.

P/S: Just stop thinking what others may think about you coz more often than not they don't. Just go on pursuing what you want to pursue, True friends stand by you. It all that matters. The rest,well.. You decide.

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